Yakima Valley Wines from the Rattlesnake Hills

Our wines are handcrafted from the many agricultural bounties of the Yakima Valley. We take pride in infusing the flavors of the Valley into each and every bottle that we produce. Our wine grapes are grown within the Rattlesnake Hills AVA and have their own unique flavor profiles brought about by the nutrient rich volcanic soils and prolonged exposure to the sun of our southern facing slopes. The Yakima Valley on average has 300 days of sunshine a year. We encourage you to try the many varietals that we offer to experience the different flavors and learn how they pair with Northwest cuisine.

White Wines

  • Simcoe Creek Winery - Muscat


    Hints of freshly sliced pear with a side of apricot. This fruitful and juicy wine will pair perfectly with a delicious chicken pasta on a summer evening.

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  • Simcoe Creek Winery - Pinot Gris


    A white wine for everyone. Not too sweet but enough to make you want to tell your friend “go ahead, pour me another glass.” You will want to make sure you dish up some fresh salmon with that cantaloup, a little orange, and apricot flavors you are picking up on.

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  • Simcoe Creek Winery - Riesling


    With a little splash of butter on the nose, followed by the flavors of a freshly picked honey crisp apple. Thankfully the flavors don’t stop there! With white peach and nectarine coming in on the finish. Makes you want to grill up some pork chops, doesn’t it?

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  • Simcoe Creek Winery - Semillon


    Ahh...A reminder of what sunshine and summertime was like. There is nothing that goes better with this fruitful wine like a delicious pork chip straight off the grill. Each sip will bring you a hint of lemon and fresh picked peaches. Don’t forget, we all need to keep that emergency bottle of white wine in the fridge.

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Red Wines

  • Simcoe Creek Winery - Crossroads


    Where to begin with this gorgeous red blend? With 40% Tempranillo, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, and finished with 20% Cabernet Franc gives off flavors of plum, ripe cherry, and a little bit of fresh garden tomatoes. Enjoy a glass with a bowl of chocolate covered almonds or even a wood fired pizza.

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  • Simcoe Creek Winery - Lemberger


    The wine of Thanksgiving. Easy on the palate, but a flavor profile you wont ever forget. One sip of this with that perfectly cooked turkey and a side of stuffing. You will want to make sure you snag a couple bottles…Trust us.

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  • Simcoe Creek Winery - Merlot


    Tasting just how a Merlot should. Dark cherry followed by a little raspberry creates pure bliss. Milk chocolate hits you right in the nose (and a little on the mouth). Merlot, lasagna, and garlic bread. Need we say more?

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  • Simcoe Creek Winery - Syrah


    Flavors that flow all over the board. With mild tannins and acidity that has a kick, just like we like it. With cranberry, fig, and even a little bacon fat on the nose. Syrah never disappoints. And pairs well with what you may ask? Grab a chocolate chip cookie and tell us what you think.

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  • Simcoe Creek Winery - Cabernet Sauvignon


    Let’s go back to where it all started in the Yakima Valley. Cabernet’s always provide some of the most delicious flavors... dark fruit, raisin, and bell pepper. What’s not to love? And we all know that it will go with just about anything!

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  • Simcoe Creek Winery - Cabernet Franc


    Now we are talkin! The one that everyone in the industry loves. A little roasted pepper, a small hint of strawberry, and a splash of sautéed mushrooms. This Cabernet Franc sits just how we want on the pallet. The wine that won the west (Pacific Northwest that is).

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